By John J. Ayers
Jack Mills, an investigative reporter, came
to Camden, New York, to write a story on
political corruption. He put his story aside
when he realized Sandra Evans, the librarian,
had been cheated out of her rightful
inheritance due to the strange events
surrounding her birth. To prove this in
court, Jack enlisted the services of his best
friend, Paul West, a private investigator.
They had to fight a rich and powerful,
politically entrenched family, a corrupt
judge, a dishonest state senator, and a
crooked police chief and his deputy.

Due to the unorthodox and sometimes
questionable methods used to gather evidence
to help Sandra's case, the story takes many
twists and turns. The underhanded chicanery
of the police chief caused Jack to be jailed
on felony charges, which might result in him
spending years in prison.

Jack's love for Sandra enabled him to
overcome the dangerous parts of his

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John J. Ayers was born in New York City, where he worked as an electrician.  After early retirement, he moved to Florida and joined the Maitland Writers Group, which allowed him to follow his lifelong dream of writing.
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